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TBZBK ampoule

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hyaluron pen TBZBK ampoules

Product description
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 0.3ml/0.5ml
  • Vacuum aseptic packaging:Yes
  • Apply to: For Hyaluron Injection Pen
  • Operation Mode:High Pressure Atomization
  • Applicable crowd: People of all ages and both sexes
  • Product effect: Wrinkles and blemish, skin tightening, removing bags under the eyes, skin rejuvenation, contour sculpture, wrinkles, face lifting, weight loss, fat dissolving ect
  • Customer Questions & Answers
  • Question: What is the ampoule for?
  • Answer: The ampoule is disposiable tool of the Hyaluron PenIt's empty, sterile and individually sealed. 
  • Question: Is the hyaluronic acid in them?
  • Answer: No Hyaluronic acid inside. You would have to purchase the hyaluronic acid separately.
  • Question: Where do you get the hyaluronic acid for the hyaluronic pen?
  • Answer: We have hyalruonic acid in our store.
  • We have Bonetta (2.2ml)NeuramisRevolax,  DermalaxHyafilia and Hyafilia Plus for your choice.
  • Question: What size should I use for lips, .5 or .3?
  • Answer: The ampoule size should be match the size of your pen. Both of 0.3ml and 0.5ml are workable for lip.
  • Question: How do you fill these?
  • Answer: This ampoule is a accessory of Hyaluron PEN. Need to load filler into the ampoule. Then shot into your lips or skins.
  • Question: What is the needle (adapter) for?
  • Answer: This needle can be put on the ampoule, it can help the ampoules to take out the liquid from the bottle.
  • Question: Is the delivery fast or slow? Will I be waiting for my product for a long time?
  • Answer: We ship from China to USA by FedEx/ DHL, usually takes about  3-7days on the way.