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Neo-Cain Numbing Cream 10.56% 30g

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Neo-Cain Cream 30g is a topical pre-procedure anesthetic used to make an injection procedure painless. Human body’s response to pain involves pore narrowing and vasoconstriction, which hinders the penetration of a needle or a cannula into the skin during injection and most likely results in skin injury (bleeding, edema, and irritation). The use of the SM cream allows avoiding the adverse consequences of injections due to the high content of lidocaine. The product does not cause allergies or skin burning sensations. Neo-Cain Cream has one of the strongest numbing effects among local anesthetics in the world market.

Strengths of Neo-Cain Cream:

guaranteed numbing effect due to high lidocaine concentration

Neo-Cain Cream is used for pre-injection anesthesia.


Scope of Neo-Cain Cream:

local anesthesia prior to injection

pain relieve in sensitive skin areas

Product composition: Lidocaine 10.56%, Inactive ingredients

Neo-Cain Cream 30g

1 × 30 g per pack, white to yellowish cream