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Neuramis Deep Lidocaine

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Neuramis is a dermal filler manufactured using high-quality raw materials and innovative SHAPE technology, which allows obtaining a highly purified product. Cross-linked HA structure guarantees longer effect duration, while its even distribution in the epidermis yields natural-looking results.


Strengths of Neuramis Deep Lidocaine:

  • natural-looking results

  • the effect is noticeable right after the procedure

  • no serious or long-lasting side effects

  • the presence of lidocaine in the composition makes the procedure painless when injecting in the deep skin layers

  • minimum residual BDDE (less than 0.4 ppm)

  • completely biocompatible components

  • clinically proven efficacy and safety

Neuramis Deep Lidocaine is ideal for the correction of medium wrinkles and severe folds in the facial area.


Scope of Neuramis Deep Lidocaine:

  • correction of medium wrinkles and deep folds (nasolabial folds, forehead and frown wrinkles, lip lines, marionette lines)

  • correction of lip shape

  • cheek augmentation

  • chin correction

The aesthetic effect lasts up to 9 months.


Product composition: HA 20 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%


Neuramis Deep Lidocaine

1 syringe × 1.0 ml per pack

Needle size: 27G